C125 Tandem - Snap Button attaching Machines

Products Code: C - 125

Consistent and ideal way to attach prong snap fastener, jeans button , rivets, buttons, eyelets and more on fashion industry by constant stroke and controllable air pressure.

By the help of the air regulator system on C-125 Tandem ,there won’t be any production error due to  fluctuations on comprossed air.  Also  it’s ideal to use C-125  Tandem for work safety. Electronic safety system will  sustain finger protection by detecting human body. If operator will touch to mould on process, system will detect it and piston will return back to initial position  immediatley.

Technical Features

A 545mm
B 545mm
C 122mm
D 70mm
H 1200mm
Work Useful Power  585 Kgf
Adaptore Hole 1/4"
Air Pressure 6
Air Consumption 10,8
Air Pressure Management 0.1
Safety System Available for all
Laser Available for all
Weight 60 kg

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