D-3 - Semi Automatic Set

Products Code: D - 3 YO SET

Designed to help furniture companies with high-capacity production.

It consists of one fabric cutting device and one pressure stabilizer and pneumatic automatic upholstery device with security control. Pressure stabilizer recognizes the changes in air pressure and lets the system work between 5-6 bars. Pressure stabilizer provides covering process in desired standards. Security control serves 100% labor safety. This security detects the static electricity of human body in case of any touch of skin to any metal part of the system and stops the process. Blocked system returns to the start position.

The most specific feature that brings D3 Semiautomatic Set ahead is the automatic coaster control. Coaster, while controlled by the operator in other systems, is directed automatically in the D3 Semiautomatic System. While upholstered button needs to be taken out of the mold by the operator, D3 Semiautomatic Set takes the button into the drip pan by air pressure right after the upholstery process is completed. Many materials such as fabrics, leathers, faux leathers etc. can be covered on buttons in size between 20 and 60. D3 Semiautomatic Set covers maximum 900 buttons in an hour.

1st Case Height: 128cm, Depth: 40cm, Width: 60cm Packing: 1 Wooden case

2nd Case Height: 128cm, Depth: 80cm, Width: 100cm Packing: 1 Wooden case

We recommend original RON button systems to gain desired standards

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